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CLATA Extended Warranty Service

Clata Care service provides a high level of support and protection for your LTE device investments.

It will increase the return on your investment and extend the operations of your equipment.

While we warrant reliable products free from defects, but occasionally failures do occur for various reasons. To minimize downtime and service interruptions, with Clata Care we will repair or ship a replacement unit within one to three business days from the time of the report without waiting for the defected unit to be returned.

It is our commitment to continuous innovation and development of new features to the products as the technology and markets advance. With Clata Care, it extends the life span of the LTE devices and ensures you have the latest functionality. Whenever there is a major release of software or firmware, you will always be notified.

A trained Technical Support Engineer will be assigned to manage all of your technical requests. The Clata Care Representative will be trained to be familiar with your network, firmware and product needs.

Our Clata Care service offers a 24-hour Response Time Guaranteed for all support requests. Your request will be attended immediately by a dedicated Clata Care Representative within 24 hours.