Point-to-MultiPoint Beamforming for
Fiber-Like Wireless Connectivity

New standard of performance and reliability for wireless broadband.

Enabled by bi-directional beamforming technology, we power the highest industry capacity with the longest range and unparalleled radio interference immunity.

Top-Quality Wireless Broadband

Interference Immunity

3rd party radio interference immunity and
reduces self-interference between adjacent
sectors and nearby cells.

SLA and Best Effort

Handle both strict SLA and best-effort,
servicing both enterprises and consumers
for reduced investment and greater
operational flexibility.

Do More With Less Infrastructure

Enables service providers to cover a
wider area with fewer base stations, towers
and backhaul to save on
infrastructure costs and maintenance.

Fiber-Like Experience

Deliver highest
broadband capacity with the best user
experience, in a way that was once only
possible when using fiber.

Built to Last

Ruggedized carrier-grade
equipment to endure harsh weather
conditions and last longer. This cuts costs
of ongoing replacements.

What Can PtMP Do For You?


Residential Wireless Broadband for
Triple Play Services

Fiber-Like Access for
Enterprise SLA

Backhaul for WiFi Access Points


Broadband & Narrowband
Smart City Applications

Reliable and High-Performance
Broadband for Utilities

Broadband Connectivity for
Oil & Gas Operations

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